The Batman Comic's New Batmobile Is Ridiculous, But in the Best Way

Batman’s chosen mode of transport has evolved a lot over the years. From swanky car to Tumbler, and even armored tanks. But with a new, heavily armored Batman in town in DC’s Batman comics, there needs to be a new Batmobile to match—and it looks completely, hilariously over the top. Bat-Truck, indeed. » 7/07/15 4:24pm Yesterday 4:24pm

Inside a NORRA Mexican 1000 Pre-Evolution Winning Truck

We all know that Robby Gordon won the NORRA Mexican 1000 in his crazy cool Gordini but what about the other vehicles in the race? There were vintage vehicles, bikes and ATVs and a class called Evolution with an assortment of modern race vehicles ranging from Robby Gordon’s Unlimited entry all the way down to mini… » 6/29/15 4:52pm 6/29/15 4:52pm