Daimler's Autonomous Truck Successfully Completed Its Maiden Voyage On A Public Highway

Following up on their American adventures, Mercedes successfully tested its semi-autonomous Highway Pilot system on the German Autobahn. This technology can be fitted into regular production trucks and is a huge step towards fully autonomous transportation. »10/02/15 12:25pmFriday 12:25pm

Good On Tesla For Making The Model X Grille-Less

We got our first look at Tesla’s new Model X last night, and in a pretty dramatic change from their 2013 Detroit Motor Show design prototype, the Model X has no silly fake grille-like thing on its face. Just a nice, clean front end, a bold move in a world where a prominent grille has become a design crutch. »9/30/15 9:17amWednesday 9:17am

The 2016 Infiniti QX50 Is Remarkably Old School For A Tech-Focused Update

The big news for Infiniti’s 2016 QX50 crossover is an extra four inches of legroom in the back. With rear-wheel drive and terrible fuel economy, but more advertised horsepower than a rival Acura or Lexus. it’s billed as “the driver’s crossover.” In reality though, it’s no poor man’s Porsche Macan. »9/28/15 4:44pmMonday 4:44pm

2017 Ford Super Duty: New Body, Old Engines, High-Tech Idiot-Proofing

The last time a new Ford Super Duty design was released, engineers were freaking out about losing their work to Y2K so we’re pretty excited that the trucks are (almost) all new for 2017. So far we know a little about materials, tech features, and of course– the look. »9/24/15 1:14am9/24/15 1:14am