Watch This Crazy Truck Driver Drive With His Feet

Truck drivers generally aren't so bad. In fact, they can even be pretty good. Heroes, even. So that's what makes this video so alarming. This isn't your average crappy Toyota Echo driver, with their feet out the window. This guy has his feet on the wheel, and it's at the wheel of a multi-ton truck. » 10/20/14 5:05pm Today 5:05pm

Holy Crap, Pickup Trucks Have Gotten Expensive

I recently had the opportunity to attend the launch of the all-new 2015 Ford F-150. Here's what happened: Ford flew me to Dallas, or possibly San Antonio, for an evening of brisket, and pie, and musicians wearing blue jeans. At some point, there was also a pickup truck. » 10/16/14 3:37pm Thursday 3:37pm

The U.S. Special Forces' New Kick Ass Battle Wagon Fits In An Osprey

So Special Operations Command needs a new compact off road fighting vehicle that can transform into different configurations depending on the mission, oh and it has to be transportable by V-22 Ospreys, H-47 Chinooks and H-53 Super Stallions. No problem, the General Dynamics Flyer is ready for flight and for a fight. » 10/16/14 12:41pm Thursday 12:41pm

10 Ways To Get Your Significant Other Into This Greasy, Rusty, Car Hobby

You want to spend time with your lover and introduce them to your hobbies, but initiating somebody into the often-frustrating and always-filthy world of wrenching on cars can be a tough sell. Don't worry, It Can Happen. With the right approach y'all will be having fun getting greasy together in no time. » 10/16/14 9:46am Thursday 9:46am

Chevy Trolls Ford With Frame-Flex Video, Howie Long's Zingers

GM put their 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 against a 2015 Ford F-250 over an exaggerated "bumpy road" ramp test forcing both trucks to flex between the cab and the bed. The Chevy stayed a lot straighter. » 10/15/14 2:41pm Wednesday 2:41pm

Land Rover's First Crack At Sculpture Art Is Intense And Massive

Artist Nino Mustica and Land Rover's Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern got together to mold "the essence" of the 2015 Discovery Sport into two giant abstract sculptures now standing sentinel on the River Thames. What do you think? » 10/15/14 12:53pm Wednesday 12:53pm

What Makes The Porsche Macan's Moose Test Results 'Extremely Strange'

Swedish auto safety outfit Teknikens Värld are calling the Porsche Macan's performance "extremely strange" through their lane-change obstacle course they call "The Moose Test." Looks like the SUV's safety tech locks a wheel in a way other vehicles don't. » 10/14/14 5:00pm 10/14/14 5:00pm