Everyone Just Shut Up And Let This Man Keep His Plane In His Driveway

Maybe this says a lot about me, but most of the time when people use the term ‘eyesore,’ I either have no idea what they’re talking about, or it’s directed at me. In this case, the term is being used to refer to an Oceanside, Long Island man’s small airplane, which is parked in his driveway. Neighbors want him to get… » 7/31/15 4:34pm Yesterday 4:34pm

Jet Boat VS 115 Horsepower Tricycle: What Gets Around Manhattan Faster?

The lights and smells of Manhattan ensnare millions of humans every year, and if you’ve been you know the joint is always an adventure to get around. Watch two bad haircuts race a pair of powersports machines around the island to find out what’s the, uh, “best” vehicle for the trip. What could go wrong? » 7/31/15 2:03pm Yesterday 2:03pm

Crash Tests: The 2015 Ford F-150 Crew Cab Is Safer Than The Extended Cab

The aluminum-bodied Ford F-150 SuperCrew aced all the crash tests and earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick award, but the Extended Cab variant has a few issues Ford might want to correct for next year.
http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/report-2015-f-... » 7/30/15 9:20am Thursday 9:20am

Hyundai CEO Says The Santa Cruz Truck Is Coming Soon And That's Great

Your Jalopnik staff are unapologetic, evangelistic fans of small inexpensive pickup trucks. That’s why we lost our collective shit when Hyundai surprised the world with the Santa Cruz truck concept at the Detroit Auto Show this year. Then all we had to do was convince Hyundai they should build it. It looks like… » 7/28/15 9:55am Tuesday 9:55am

Fiat Chrysler Has To Buy Back 180,000 Ram Trucks In Stinging Gov-Slap

Fiat Chrysler’s slow moving, dangerously ineffective recall finally prompted the Department of Transportation to lay the smack down with a $70 million fine and millions more in other penalties, including an agreement to buy back 200,000 Ram pickups and offer $1,000 extra on certain trade-ins. » 7/27/15 7:05pm Monday 7:05pm

TVR's New Boss Plans To Make Scary Sports Cars And Maybe A Fast SUV

Famed British sports car maker TVR is back, and their first new car is using a Gordon Murray Design chassis powered by a Cosworth V8. That sounds great, and there’s more great news. Like that they want to go back to America, make truly scary sports cars again, and even race at Le Mans. Too good to be true?… » 7/24/15 2:22pm 7/24/15 2:22pm

How A Ford F-150 Aluminum Repair Cost $17,000 And Took A Month

Ford says their certified repair centers can fix the 2015 Ford F-150 and its all-new aluminum body “no problem.” But this crazy story of a month-long job and an unbelievable service bay bill — $17,000! — proves there are still some serious challenges to getting this truck back on the road after an accident. » 7/23/15 3:38pm 7/23/15 3:38pm

This Guy is Driving to the South Pole in a Hybrid. Spoiler Alert: It…

Nick Baggarly is Zero South’s expedition leader and creative mastermind. He’s driven around the world multiple times, and has a new project in which he’ll be taking some incredible, fully custom-built, alt-fuel Hummer H1s to the South Pole to raise awareness for the need to clean up global car fleets » 7/23/15 2:23pm 7/23/15 2:23pm

Here's What Happened When I Cracked Open My 250,000 Mile Jeep Engine

After many miles of faithful service, my Jeep was brought to its knees by three engine mount bolts that decided to break off into the block. I had to break out the ol’ cherry picker. Since the engine was out, I decided to tear into it. Come check out the innards of a 250,000 mile engine.
» 7/23/15 2:18pm 7/23/15 2:18pm

Confirmed: Drunk Driving A Mower Not A Work-Around For Suspended License

A report says Pennsylvania State Troopers (literally) lassoed a guy who was cruising down the street on his Cub Cadet lawn tractor with a suspended driver’s license and “three times” the legal limit of booze in his blood. So in case anybody was wondering, looks like “it’s just a mower!” is not a viable defense. » 7/22/15 11:45am 7/22/15 11:45am

Five Reasons You Should Buy A Cheap Used Pickup 

I’m not really a truck person. I respect trucks, but never had much of a desire to own one. Then I had to move a bunch of junk from my house when I realized my Volkswagen GTI and our Sienna minivan weren’t going to cut it. After borrowing my dad’s Frontier, I developed a new appreciation for the cheap pickup. Here is… » 7/22/15 10:28am 7/22/15 10:28am