2014 BMW 835xi: This Is (Not) It

It's finally happened: BMW has revived the "8-Series" moniker. For a minivan.

A reader spotted this "prototype" doing duty as a courtesy car at a West Virginia BMW store. It would appear that the dealership took it upon themselves to make their own Ultimate Driving Machinivan out of a Volkswagen Routan, and I'm sure the engineers back in Wackersdorf are just kicking themselves for not thinking of it first.

2014 BMW 835xi: This Is (Not) It


Obviously those roundels add at least 40 horsepower, though I'm guessing whoever arrived at the idea to name this an "8-Series" doesn't know much about bygone BMWs... or this is some hilarious/awful purist trolling.

No word yet on how many exist, or when you'll be able to order your own 8-Series Active Tourer. (We laugh now...)

Hat tip to Greg Brisendine!