Cheap, Fun, Off-Road Racing You Can Get In On: Bro-Lite Spec Rangers

Over the last few years, some enterprising Ultra4 racers have been trying to figure out how to get more people into off-road racing. For most, cost is the biggest barrier. Their solution is "Bro-Lites;" spec-built Ford Rangers that are cheap, easy to fix, and an absolute riot to run through a corn field.

A Bro-Lite Ranger is basically an '89-'97 truck with a roll cage, long-travel shocks, fuel cell, and a shitload of weight reduction. If you can weld tubes yourself, you can pretty much put one of these together for what it would cost to title and register a Ranger for use on the road.

Racers Scott Decker, Tim Diekmann, and 2012 King Of The Hammers champion Erik Miller were shaking down their Bro-Lites at the Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, where I caught up with them and took a few laps around the cornfield course the park had been kind enough to corner off for us.


Cheap, Fun, Off-Road Racing You Can Get In On: Bro-Lite Spec Rangers

So, maybe we spent more time on the tools than we did on the throttle... and it was only a couple hours before all three shakedown vehicles had to be sidelined for damage.

But it would only have taken a bit more duct-tape some some cheap parts on hand to keep them running as long as you'd be able to stand sucking dirt through your helmet vents.


For now, the Bro-Lite crew is hoping to get a few races together as warm-up shows for bigger events to psych up spectators and get people's attention.

Diekmann and his colleague/master welder John are hopeful they'll be able to get a few trucks built over the winter, and eventually even be able to rent them out to us bros who can't afford to build but want to get a piece of the action or maybe just "try before you buy."

Get some more insight from the folks putting Bro-Lites together over at

Images: Andrew P. Collins