Jeep is holding it's annual gathering of off-roaders in Moab, Utah this month and trotted out six specially outfitted 4x4s to celebrate. They've all got extra off-roadiness to them but the best features are those totally extreme Level Red slashes all over the place. Do you even drink Mountain Dew, bro?

Aside from the wheel-well swelling of the Cherokee Dakar, most of the modifications Jeep has showcased at this year's Moab Easter Safari look like they might actually make it to production, if only as options in Jeep's performance parts catalogue.

We have a huge heap of images and specs on the latest batch of Jeep concept rigs for you to enjoy, judge, and annotate. Click right on the images to let us know what you think about these Jeep's features and wild war paint.


The new Jeep Cherokee Dakar is probably the most dramatically different from it's usual mall crawling guise. BF Goodrich 33" mud terrain tires really give it that extra squatness it needed to look like some kind of Star Trek space rover.

It would appear that fitting those tires was not accomplished through a lift, but rather by stretching the wheel openings. The transmission has been modified to provide a 48:1 crawl ratio. Skid plates are fitted all over the bottom, and Jeep claims an approach angle of 32º and departure angle of 39º.


Chrysler glossed over mention of a "prototype lift kit" raising this KL, but I'd like to find out a little more about exactly what they did to raise this SUV after it independent shops struggled with the challenge.


The Jeep Wrangler Level Red, named after the highest difficulty on off-road trails and the official color of everything in-sane is on a Jeep Performance Parts 2" lift with Dana 44 crate axels and a Rock-Trac transfer case with a 4:1 low range. Crawl ratio is 73:1.

A cold-air intake and exhaust help get those 35" Mud Terrains moving.


Chrysler says the Jeep Wrangler MOJO gets its designation from "Orange Jeep." What's with the "M" and extra "O"? Who cares, it's got mo-jo baby, yeeeah!

Upgrades are a 2" lift, Dana 44 axles, and a 59:1 crawl ratio. This Jeep's coolest feature is probably it's LED headlights and foglights, which I'd love to see more off in off-road vehicles. The map of Utah emblazoned on the grille and trim is pretty fun to look at.


The Jeep Wrangler Maximum Performance did not get its name from a air dryer. At least, that wasn't in the press release. We do know it's equipped with electronically-locking Dana 60 axles, 4.88 gearing and a 70:1 crawl ratio. a 4" lift allows 37" tires to fit under the Jeep.

Chrysler calls the front bumper the "Stinger" and might offer it in the Jeep Performance Parts catalogue if you like it. The winch is also a prototype you might soon be able to order from your Jeep dealer.

The exterior features a whole lotta blue, and a little "Utah skyline" graphic I actually kinda dig. It's a neat new interpretation of classic 80's Wrangler hood decorations.


The Jeep Cherokee Adventurer looks like the least-willing participant of the bunch. It's the angry adolescent forced to wear a pale-yellow polo shirt for the family photo.


Finally, the flagship Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel Trail Warrior is lightly modified with pretty much just good tires, a "prototype Mopar roof basket" and some armor from Jeep's performance parts catalogue.

Alright, time to start slinging your opinions on these 4WD rodeo clowns. What do you like, what do you hate, and who just wants to join me in crying about wanting a Comanche?