(Image: screencap from ABC News)

The New Jersey State Police has confirmed that at least one military vehicle has rolled over and landed on its roof on the Brunswick Turnpike in South Brunswick this afternoon. The road is closed and a rescue helicopter has transported one person with serious injuries to a hospital.


ABC New York is reporting that “a tire came off” the vehicle, either as it flipped over or causing it to flip, and that “one female soldier had her leg amputated,” presumably as part of the rescue operation. Four soldiers were reportedly all brought to a nearby hospital in unknown condition.

(Image: screencap from ABC News)

As of 3:45 p.m. EST, ABC’s helicopter is filming live from the air above the crash. New Jersey State Police officials said they are only able to confirm what they tweeted, and that the “overturned truck” referenced was indeed a military vehicle.

The flipped Hummer may have been part of a convoy, as some other military trucks and personnel appear in the live feed.

A tweet from PZF “Breaking News Feed” shows a U.S. military HMMWV “Hummer” overturned on a road, which is believed to be an image from the scene.

Updates as we have them.

(Image: screencap from ABC News)