Chrysler Rep Confirms SRT Durango At Chicago Auto Show

The best part about Chrysler's Chicago Auto Show "demo ride" was how nice the inside of a current Durango is. We got to spend a few minutes pushing the buttons and feeling the surfaces, during which the Chrysler rep at the wheel confirmed a Durango SRT is in the works. » 2/10/14 4:15pm 2/10/14 4:15pm

Come Ride A See-Saw In A Toyota Tacoma TRDPro At The Chicago Auto Show

You might have heard that some automakers set up carnival-style attractions at the Chicago Auto Show. Toyota's was my favorite, on account of it had a see-saw you got to ride over in a truck. Skip the line and tag along with us on the three minute adventure at the TRDPro Display. » 2/10/14 10:30am 2/10/14 10:30am

'Toyota TRDPro' Kit Is Pretty Much A New Grille, But It Looks Cool

Toyota's TRDPro Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner trucks just strutted their stuff on Toyota's Chicago Auto Show test track. Despite rumors that this was going to be Toyota's truck to challenge Raptor, that "stuff" is basically a cool FJ40-style grille badge and a few small tweaks. » 2/06/14 11:00am 2/06/14 11:00am

Nissan Is Definitely Planning A Cummins Diesel Frontier

The tarp won't come off this "technical study" Frontier for another ninety minutes, but there's no mistaking the Cummins diesel badge on the front fenders. Cummins reps milling around the stage eliminate any traces of doubt that Nissan is serious about being a serious player in the truck efficiency arms race. » 2/06/14 10:04am 2/06/14 10:04am

Toyota 'TRD Pro' Truck Could Be A Furious Orange Raptor Fighter

As far as crazytrucks go, the Ford Raptor basically has the game to itself these days. But what if Toyota cooked up Raptor-fighting version of one of their trucks? This video and comments from Toyota make me think something like that may be in the cards. » 1/29/14 11:18am 1/29/14 11:18am