In a statement VW's Works Council Chief Bernd Osterloh made to the German press about the company's American operations on Wednesday, he off-handedly mentioned needing "more models there, including a pick-up truck."

According to Reuters, he also considers Volkswagen's current handling of US operations to be "a disaster," agreeing with their new head of US operations Michael Horn that VW HQ has "paid little heed to the dynamics of the U.S. market."


Osterloh seems to think Volkswagen won't be able to get control of US loses until 2016, citing the company's inability to designate where the CrossBlue SUV will be built a year after its unveiling.

It's important to note that while Osterloh is on top of VW's labor union and sits on the Volkswagen Group supervisory board, he's not a bona-fide VW exec. But it should be encouraging for American Amarok fans to know they've got a friend with some klout at Das Headquarters.