Hoonigan dropped pictures of Ken Block's treaded Ford Raptor noshing snow in Aspen, quietly revealing a feature I reckon is almost as awesome as those Mattracks: rear-facing racing seats in the bed.

Riding in the rear-facers of my aunt's old Volvo wagon was exhilarating as a kid. Multiply that experience by a factor of "Ford Raptor" and "Ken Block" all while heading to a backcountry ski drop-in and I just might die of happiness.

I've wanted to strap Subaru BRAT-style seats into the bed of my next pickup since finding that 1978 Subie advert crumpled up in dad's secret magazine collection.

Yeah, once I get that set up I'm sure the ladies will be just begging to catch a tan while we go jumping sand dunes... unnecessary and extreme risks of personal safety are still cool, right guys?


Fun fact: The BRAT's name is all-caps because it's an acronym for "Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transport," and is considered the "number one scarcest vehicle" on AutoTrader based on how many people searched for it (2,700) and how many were listed (1) in a month.

I dig the snowboard mounts on the tubing back there too. I'm told there's also winch under there somewhere, but I haven't been able to spot it yet.

Just in case all that awesomeness wasn't enough to make me jealous of Kensington Blockenworth's toy collection, he had to go and post a picture of his SuperDuty tow truck. You're a lucky bastard, KB. Now get out there and shoot some epic videos with these rigs already!

Images: Hoonigan, Subaru