Toyota is too smart to let the current SUV boom pass without a true successor to the FJ Cruiser, or something to rival the upcoming new Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco. At least, that’s what this looks like it could be. Meet the Toyota FT-4X concept, way before you’re supposed to see it. Update: It is none of those things.

These pics leaked out via an offsite app run by the good folks at Autoblog, which was then caught by an intrepid Jalopnik reader and sent to us. (Sorry, guys. Beers on me.)


What do we know about the FT-4X beyond these pics? Nothing, unfortunately. It’s even hard to gauge the size of the thing, or whether it’s a medium-sized SUV like the FJ Cruiser was or potentially something smaller. It’s also fair to note it may be more of a crossover than a true SUV, but it looks pretty capable in these pics, so here’s hoping it won’t be another soft-roader. Toyota has the C-HR for that anyway.

Not much to go on so far, but what do you think? We’ll see more of it tomorrow at the show itself.

UPDATE: Wrong, it’s another crossover. Lame.