Isuzu has turned up the badass on its D-Max pickup with a new blacked-out "Blade" edition. It won't be available in the US per se, but creative 2015 Chevy Colorado customers could make themselves a slick vampire-hunting truck with a little badge swap.

Since the Colorado and D-Max share a platform, swapping lights and bumpers shouldn't be too tough. Get that new face fitted up, spray the rest of your trim in PlastiDip, and you'll be loading the bed of your Colorado up with slain bloodsuckers in no time.


Oh, right, vampires disintegrate into ash when you kill them. Well, more room for swords!

If you really want to get ambitious, could drop in the D-Max's 2.5 turbodiesel that makes 163 hp and almost 300 lb-ft of torque, gloriously available with your pick of a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic with a manual sequential shift mode. Grab me a few while you're over there too, thanks.

Isuzu boasts 38.2 MPG with this setup in mixed conditions driving. Why do the Brits get all the fun, economical pickups? Oh yeah, fuel is like ten bucks a gallon over there.

The "Blade" edition isn't exactly world-rocking, but it does feature some sexy wheels called "Shadow," blacked-out trim, an optional rear cap or bed-mounted bars and a tonneau cover, and gave me a great excuse to post a picture of Wesley Snipes in an outfit we all wish we could pull off.


This D-Max is about £25,000 which translates to a whopping $42,000. The Brits might get six-speed diesels, but at least our pickups are a little more affordable.

Images: Isuzu UK, Marvel Studios