Some maniac is on the loose in London "on a quest to transform great cars into 'Ultimate Wheels,' and he's just taken an angle grinder to a 1989 Ferrari 412, begetting the first Ferrari El Camino-style pickup. It's actually much prettier than it sounds.

The modifications were performed for another History Channel car show called "Ultimate Wheels" in which this dude named Elo and his mechanic accomplice Will Trickett build all kinds of batty car creations. I guess. Elo says this Ferrari is his favorite project so far.

London Motor Group says:

They start by taking an angle-grinder to the Italian collectable, removing 300mm of the roof and shifting everything forward to create a 3ft load bed at the back. Taking inspiration from luxury yachts, teak wood is used to panel the rear bed after jacking up the rear suspension for extra load-carrying capability.

A real Jekyll and Hyde conversion, the Ferrari is adorned with a shotgun scoop bonnet and bespoke exhaust system resulting in a dual-personality of high performance hot-rod and practical workhorse. The shotgun scoop moves up and down and the unique exhaust has a valve system whereby the driver can decide at the flick of a switch whether to have the exhaust growl fiercely or produce a more refined sound for London's leafier avenues.

Sacrilege or sexy commercial hauler?

Images: London Motor Group