You like blades and edges and that crazy Predator grille? That is literally what the Lexus UX Compact Crossover is made of. What a scary machine! I am deeply afraid of this car.

Lexus has been on a wild tear lately, designing cars and crossovers full of creases and angles and jarring front ends that represent a strong break from the brand’s lazy and boring past work. (Examples like the LFA excluded, of course.)

The UX, which is just a concept for now, goes full throttle on all of those things.

Would you want that barreling toward you at speed? I would not. What an awful way to go out!

I’m just going to back away from whatever that is slowly, before something springs forth and causes me to die violently.

If you took that off and threw it at someone, they would surely die!

Those do not look like they would pass pedestrian safety standards!

JESUS! What is even going on in here? I am terrified right now! The inside is a mess of straps and blades and holes! None of that looks safe.

I need to put on gloves and a shirt with long sleeves before I drive this thing!

No thank you, car, I do not want to get inside.

Actually I’m kind of oddly turned on looking at this. I can’t really articulate why.

The Lexus UX is just a design study, but expect it to influence future Lexus crossovers that seek to maim you.