Ken Block's RaptorTRAX just became the coolest sled on the slopes of Nelson, British Colombia. It's finally getting used for what it was built to do: make the mountain its bitch and take snowsports to the next-6.2-V8-powered-level as the ultimate backcountry snowboard chariot.

Ken Block's Shredfest With Zak Hale & Ethan Deiss

Rolling out of Baldface Lodge, Ken tows pro snowboarders Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss (also sponsored by some energy drink) up the hill, of some wild jumps, and through some spectacular looking powder. It's a lot more impressive than a big ol' burnout, and it looks like way more fun than the chairlift.

I also think the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-esque soundtrack is pretty rockin' and a welcome reprieve from the dubstep that usually gets tacked to clips like this.

The video also reveals what might be the RaptorTRAX's coolest secret: it's got a grill mount off the back of the bed for slopeside barbecues!

Y'all want more RaptorTRAX snowboard GIFS? You got more RaptorTRAX snowboard GIFS.

Images: Monster Energy GIFS: Raphael Orlove