Few Honda platforms have proven as versatile as the N-series. The N-One specifically has had a “natural” concept. The N Box Slash has a “camper.” Yet, I find neither of these as delightful at the N-Lab N-One “Friendly 2 Seater” Mini Truck concept. It’s useful, it’s clean, and it’s outright adorable.

Look at that face! Can you just imagine walking out to your driveway, ready for some DIY errands, and this face greeting you? It says, “Yes, sir, I wanna go. Can we go? Can we, can we, can we, can we?!” Almost like you expect the truck bed door to start waggling happily like a little tail.

Flat paint doesn’t work on every vehicle, but on the N-One mini truck, it looks right. Clean and serious, yet also playful. It’s not a work truck, and it doesn’t pretend to be. This is your “I’m going to start gardening my own tomatoes” truck. This is your “I need to lay down some potting soil” truck. A “let’s drive down to the lake and have a picnic for two in the back” truck.

The front grill and, even more so, the door handles evoke a sense of simple, yet still efficient tools with wooden grips. You feel like this is something that could have existed decades before and will exist decades hence. Something you inherited from a great uncle that sits in your toolbox, ready for your little jobs.

The interior, which only seats two, is warm and welcoming. Friendly or intimate, depending on what you require. You don’t need more than one other seat, because you’d never need more than one other person to help you with your small projects, and you’d never want more than one other person if things became romantic.

Yes, this is a little truck for little jobs and little moments—but little doesn’t mean lesser, and what this truck doesn’t have in the size of its physicality, it makes up for in the size of its sheer personality. As does its toy version.

Images via Kat Callahan/Jalopnik.