“It’s a tool, just like a 9/16th wrench or a wheel hammer,” Joshua Shaw, vintage IndyCar racer and restorer says of his 300,000-mile Chevy Suburban, an integral, reliable part of his work and life. A long-lasting ‘Burban is a piece of America, and it deserves a little praise.

This is a little film that eGarage and Valvoline put together on Joshua Shaw’s tow/push truck 2000s GMT800-code Suburban. I think they featured it because it has high mileage and they get to tie it in as a kind of oil ad, which is whatever, but they also talk about how he got a cool vintage spoiler on the back to help tow his trailer. And they get to go over how much he depends on this simple V8, body-on-frame vehicle.

I think a lot of America has similar stories.