The Mazda Miata has been modified every which way, but I bet you've never seen one turned into a truck. I'm not talking about sawing the sports car's truck and reckoning it's a hauler— this is a complete 1934 Ford steel-body conversion. Why? How? ...Why?

With the 90's-modern wheels and gauges faces contrasting an even-more-retro body, miniaturized, the "truck" looks like it's built to run around an amusement park or shuttle kids up and down the mall. But I'd sure love to see it on an autocross course.

It's for sale in San Diego right now for about twelve grand. In the words of the seller (Al, apparently):

Original steel body, chopped, nice paint, currently sitting on Mazda Miata frame & suspension. Rebuilt Mazda 4 cyc, DOHC engine with 5 speed transmission. Fun to drive. Rear flatbed with built-in tool box, tilts, economical daily driver.

Hat tip to Ali! Images: Craigslist