Just when you thought a city bus couldn't get any filthier, these Russians went ahead and turned one into a mobile bar and strip club. Actually, it came out looking pretty slick.

This Ikarus 280.33 accordion-bus was retired from the St. Petersburg people-moving fleet and sentenced to rust in peace when a few entrepreneurs got their hands on it in 2007. After tearing out almost everything and covering what was left in buttoned-leather and neon, they released it back into the wild as Bar Bus MAXI. (It's part of a fleet of lesser rolling party palaces; "PARTY" and "MINI.")


What makes this rolling den of debauchery different from any other party bus? Just peek inside... this is not some Ford Econoline with a disco ball in the back.

The ridiculousness of this thing far surpasses any party bus I've ever been in, and I'm not ashamed to admit I've been in, like, ...four? Ugh, I probably should be ashamed of that.


Anyway, none of the buses I ever boogied in got to make a cameo in an epic Russian drama like this:

Bar Bus MAXI rents for as much as 10,000 rubles an hour (~$240) down to about $140/hour if you buy in bulk during "off-hours" like Monday lunchtime.

Bar Bus welcomes children's parties, weddings, or "whatever!" The DJ, "performing bartender," beads, and strippers are all optional add-ons you can order for a slightly sleazier experience.

Images from Bar-Bus.ru. Hat tip to OddityCentral!