(Image Credits: BMW)

I’m not sure what to feel worse about- insulting the designers who poured their energy into creating the BMW Concept X7 iPerformance, or subjecting you to more images of it. But the car’s official gallery has been opened, and into it we must charge. Grab a pitchfork.

As far as making cars that look good and don’t suck to drive, BMW has done pretty darn well over the last century. With the exception of the 2-Series Active Tourer, which is really more just weak than offensive, the German automaker has an excellent record of turning out cars that looked great out of the gate and have endured the test of time.


But the Concept X7 iPerformance is egregiously ugly. It’s like somebody took the previous-generation Lincoln Navigator, pinched it in a few places to make it a little extra insectile and packed it up with a press release about sporty dynamism re-imagined through hybrid-electric power.

OK, so the exact working is actually “exceptionally efficient and dynamic plug-in hybrid powertrain that excels in all driving situations.” You can read more nonsense like that in the official press release if you’re so inclined.

A BMW X7 is coming, and it will probably end up looking a lot less aggressively overwrought by the time it hits showrooms. At least, I sure hope so. Meanwhile, enjoy this 17-image gallery in strange ethereal tones of the concept that’s leading BMW’s biggest SUV ever into the world.