As far as records go, this has got to be one of the most... pointless. But good gravy it’s amazing to watch!

The Goodwood announcers say the car’s got “underpinnings of a GT-R,” but I think they’ve got this confused with another similar-looking specta-car: the Juke R. This is actually Juke Nismo RS, which you can buy at a Nissan store right now.


As you nerds might remember, stunt-driving legend Terry Grant actually set a previous two-wheel one-mile speed record at the 2011 Goodwood Festival Of Speed (03:55) in another Juke. Anyway now the Juke Nismo RS is out, which Grant describes as “mega” so you know it’s good (and that he’s British.)

Welp spoiler alert; he done did it. And Grant’s confidence or skill must have gone up a lot in the past four years too, because Goodwood Road & Racing says he absolutely annihilated his 2011 record with a new time of 02:10... the Nismo RS isn’t that much quicker than a regular Juke!

Hear Grant do his bit getting hyped right here:

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