(Photo Credits: Nissan)

About a year ago Nissan launched the completely new Titan XD pickup truck to attack the utility segment anew. The truck isn’t selling that well compared to its rivals, but the company hasn’t lost its sense of humor–they went ahead and stuff its diesel 4x4 drivetrain into a cargo van, awesomeness ensues.

The Nissan NV Cargo “X” you see here was built to get your attention so you’d eventually think about the actual products the company offers, like a 5.0-liter Cummins V8 turbo diesel and Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission which are supposed to be big selling points on the Titan.

Sure, whatever. Built the battle van!

I’m kidding, of course. I still think a diesel pickup truck is a more viable source of revenue than a lifted van but this thing sure is cool to look at.

Aside from the Titan XD’s Cummins engine, transmission and driveline the Cargo X is on 37” tires with a completely custom front suspension.


It doesn’t look quite cozy enough to go overlanding in, but if you have some supplies you need to keep dry and secure as you carry them into the back-country I think this is your rig!

A van really makes for a better adventure platform than a truck in so many ways. Most revolve around there being so much room for activities inside. All Nissan needs is a couch and maybe a solar panel phone charger and they’ve got the perfect mobile residence to retreat from reality with.

Just so we’re clear–there are no actual plans to put this wacky thing into production. But there’s nothing stopping you from building your own, since apparently the NV’s frame is beefy enough to hold up 800-plus pounds of engine.