The SsangYong XAV (for eXciting Authentic Vehicle. Sure, why not) concept just came out at the Seoul Motor Show. The company's CEO introduced it with some comment about #youths and #lifestyle that didn't translate well, but this soft-roader actually looks a little bit awesome.

Indian Autos Blog says the interior has a "scalable layout with a variety of configurations possible depending on passengers or luggage on the trip" plus aluminum trim and suede leather all over the place. Sounds a little swanky for an urban-adventure rig, but this concept is pure eye candy anyway. SsangYong builds some strange-looking SUVs but I don't think this one will make it further than the car show floor.


The XAV is hypothetically powered by a lithium-ion battery'd electric motor on the front axle and a 1.6 liter gasoline engine connected to the rear.

Into it?

Images via SsangYong, AP

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