Pickup truck conversions usually end up coming out as abominable hack jobs, or more rarely as rolling works of art. But this Mini Paceman Pickup custom-built by trainees at a Munich BMW store just looks like a lot of fun.

According to BimmerToday (via Autoblog) it's the product of months of planning, but it is street-legal in Germany. They say the MINI body was bolstered with some extra bracing in the underbody and B-pillar before the rear section of the roof came off.


Semi-knobby tires, a handful of extra headlights, and a tire tossed on the roof add to the look because off-road. No plans for production (obviously) but since this Paceman pickup can wear license plates, I presume some lucky German is going to take it home eventually!

Hat tip to BimmerToday, Images from Mini Muenchen