The Horrifying Face Of The Chevy 'DinoSSauR' Will Haunt Your Dreams

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It's a dragon! It's a dinosaur with Bart Simpson's haircut! It's a... 2005 Chevrolet SSR, from the island of Dr. Moreau or some s##t. YIKES.

LSXtv found this surprisingly well-executed custom creation for sale right now, at a Hyundai dealership of all places. With just over 6,000 miles on the clock they reckon it's worth $34,000. That Hyundai dealership identifies itself as "the largest SSR dealer in the world" (what?) so I guess it's only natural the "dinoSSauR" you see here ends up in their showroom.

It's weird and a little creepy, but whoever built this thing did a damn fine job. The headlights are dinosaur eyes! You can't order that in the JEG'S book (can you?).

Check it out from every angle, but if there are small children looking over your shoulder get them outta here already:




Hat tip to Paul! Images via listing.