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Here’s a Jeep that’s meant for ass-kicking, not the mall. Meet the Jeep Crew Chief concept.

You might recognize the design of this concept the heroic 1960s Kaiser Jeep M715, which never came as a crew cab but basically had exactly the same face and profile.


This one’s based off a modern Wrangler JK Unlimited, jacked up four inches to fit 40-inch NDT military tires around 20-inch beadlock wheels. A five-foot bed sits over the back where the Wrangler’s little cargo area used to be.

“Seven-Fifteen” and “BEAST” are stenciled onto the body work in military-looking leetspeak (S3V3N-F;FT33N, B34ST) along with the Jeep Design team’s badass logo which looks like this:

You can catch it on the lower right of the back end, and while you’re looking check out that sweet stamped tailgate!

Image: Kathy Graham/FCA

The tires don’t look like they’d be too comfortable on-road, but that tall-and-skinny style was the off-road standard when the first M715 was being built.

Image: David Tracy

The rock sliders, Fox shocks and both front bumpers are straight out of the Mopar upgrade catalog.

Image: FCA

That’s right; this baby has two front bumpers and they’re both hiding winches so you can actually rescue somebody while you’re stuck. (Don’t actually try that; I think you’re better off using one winch at a time.)


The 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 has been helped just a little by a cold air intake and new exhaust. It does not require JP-8 military fuel.

That “Tactical Green” paint job is a little sexier than olive drab, but is supposed to carry the same kind of military utility flavor.

Image: FCA

Inside, the center console has been upgraded with some dramatic missile switches to control accessories and a hilariously exaggerated compass. Looks like they pulled that sucker off a battleship; but the housing is pretty clean. Future Mopar option perhaps?

I’d be happy just to see that convertible top in action. Nothing like a little open-air warfare to get your day jazzed up.

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