Most people go to the Nürburgring 24 to see race cars. Some people go there driving trucks. And the Ram really seems to be the F-150 of Europe.

You’ve already seen the coolest truck in the whole of Nurburg and the truck that could take me anywhere and back, but how about the rest of the truck fleet around the Nordschleife? Well, it was pretty Dodge-heavy.

Let’s go through them one by one, shall we?

Captain America

Some Germans certainly want to do a David Hasselhoff, and I don’t mean getting too drunk to board an airplane but instead doing everything to become Americans.

The Redneck

Everything is functional here, including gas prices.

OPC Edition

OPC is Opel’s performance brand. The truck is a Chrysler product. Problem, GM Europe? No problem. We are all friends around the Ring.

The Army Truck

What’s better than an Unimog? An army-spec Unimog with a built-in sofa next to the track. At least five crates of beer included.

The Blue Oval

Ford. Built table tough.


Google it, or be our guest.


All you need to know that they made their first fire cart in 1866 and today, they belong to Iveco. AC/DC sun visors are optional extras in the catalogue.

The Inner Circle

Retired fire trucks are big in Germany. In this case, as big as an old Ford Transit gets.

The Jägermeister

24 hours a day, that will stay where they parked it.

Old GM

A racing stripe. Yeah, deal with it.


As far as the tax officers are concerned, this is a truck alright. A cute little truck.

Pinzgauer and the Mungas feat. the Thing

The whole post-war crew is here.

More DKW Action

It’s not the fastest Auto Union, yet the most capable.

The Ultimate Camper

Starting a family at the Nürburgring? You won’t be the first.

Wrangler time!

Of course there’s a Jeep. There’s always a Jeep!


Fiat Ducato Turbo Diesel. An institution.

N24: Best race, best trucks, best beer supply.

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik

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