Last month, a group of flat-fender Jeep enthusiasts decided to bring their old MBs and CJs out to Colorado to wheel. The pictures are awesome.

What’s cooler than Jeeps offroading? Flat-fender Jeeps offroading. What’s cooler than flat-fender Jeeps offroading?


I hope you weren’t expecting an answer to that, because nothing is cooler than early CJs and MBs struttin’ their stuff on the rocks.

Every year, a gang of flat-fender Jeep enthusiast gather at the Willys Jeep Fall Colors Tour, put on by the CJ2a Page. This year, over 30 old 1940s and 1950s Jeeps came together in Nathrop, Colorado to take in the beautiful scenery with tops and windshields down. Oh, and there was also some offroading.

For all you Jeep folks out there with your 4-door JKs on 37s with one ton axles: don’t discount these old Jeeps. They don’t have the wiz-bang lockers, fancy axles and Atlas T-cases in your modern rigs, but their nimble size, low curb weight, short gearing and great approach/departure/breakover angles make them bounce right over big obstacles.


And even if they don’t make it over a rock, a push from a few friends usually does the trick.

The beautiful pictures below are from Paul’s Photography Adventures. Head over to his Facebook album to see more Jeep flat-fender goodness.

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