We were a little worried about SEMA when we saw the sad cars Chevy is bringing, but Scion has restored our faith with glorious Cragars and Shag. If there is a proper way to do SEMA, this would be it.

Scion has turned the xB into the bitchin' 1970s van of your dreams with the most incredible orange and brown stripey paint, cragar wheels, beefy BF Goodrich tires, chrome side pipes (sadly fake), and a fish bowl window. The exterior is really quite lovely, but the interior is, to use a technical term, out of sight my man hey where's Studio 54?

It's an orgasmic '70s explosion in here – wood trim, giant brown captains chairs, CB radio, Black Sabbath 8-tracks, and a motherfucking Shag headliner. I don't care if all the Alcantara in the world burns because I just want shag carpet on everything. Shag!


Shag headliner, shag steering wheel, shag seats, hell, I'd even wear a shag suit!

This incredible xB was built by Scott Kanemura at KMA Productions and was inspired by the "interests" of "professional" skateboarder Riley Hawk, who's most known for being Tony Hawk's son. That's probably why the car has skateboards on the roof and coming out from the trunk. Probably.

All in all, Scion is winning SEMA this year with wonderful retro.