On Friday morning Boston Fire responded to a crane collapse that put the business end of a boom truck right on third base at the Puopolo Park baseball diamond in the North End neighborhood.

The crane operator and one bystander were treated by paramedics, but no one was killed. Fortunately nobody was running bases at the time though I'm sure a few old men play bocci had the shit scared out of them.


Investigators are looking into what went wrong. Perhaps an outrigger failed, but it looks like the telescopic arm may have broken before it hit the ground, based on the way it's bent.

Here I am bitching about a few dents on my Durango... looks like the owner of that Silverado couldn't have possibly picked a worse parking spot.

The crane couldn't be retracted and had to be sliced up, but the vehicle was slowly tipped back onto its wheels by two even bigger cranes. It was carted off by one of those big-ass semi-truck sized wreckers.

Hat tip to Hooniverse, images from Boston Fire.