“As slow as possible, as fast as necessary.” That’s what we say when we’re on a long-haul off-road expedition, living out of roof tents and retractable kitchens. Unless you’re Tonka, then you’re like “Yo dog, I heard you like lift kits...”

You remember Tonka, decades-old purveyor of small-scale steel construction vehicles for your five-year-old foreman. The company still makes subdued toys out of actual metal, by the way. As well as some hysterical rolling caricatures like this 4Runner.


Vehicle-dependent adventuring, AKA “overlanding,” AKA “going on expedition,” AKA “buying a lot of expensive stuff and tacking it to your Jeep/Toyota/Land Rover” has been a thing since there were cars but it’s sort of come into vogue over the last few years.

Tonka’s jumping into it because why the heck not. They keep a small stable of heavily modified real-life trucks to bring to events and entertain kids with, and having just completed a supercharged Tundra (which you’ll read more about here soon) they went ahead executed the most visually-extreme iteration of what an overland rig could be.


That 10” lift comes courtesy of Bulletproof Suspension, the tires are 38’s and as you can see the whole truck is bristling with toys from some of the biggest outfits in accessories (Rigid lights, JL Audio stereo).

The thing’s obviously built to make a statement more than be an effective cross-country traveler but even purists will have to admit, that ladder connecting the roof-rack to the rear bumper would look pretty sweet on your rig too.

Look for the Tonka 4Runner at Lucas Oil off-road events all over the country, where Tonka-sponsored Pro 2 racer Myan Spaccarelli slides around dirt courses in a 900-plus horsepower rear-drive maniac-mobile.

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