Ram broke a precedent last month, outselling the Chevy Silverado for the first time since 1999. But the same GM spokesman who called out Ram for "buying market share" with killer deals dropped us a line to let us know why he isn't worried about Chrysler's recent victory.

We got all over General Motors this morning when Automotive News revealed Chevy's plan to beef up buyer incentives after wagging their finger at Ram for doing the same. Now, GM Senior Manager of Sales & Executive Communications Mr. Jim Cain want you to know he stands by his statement that Ram relies more on deals than Chevrolet and offers more for you consideration—-


According to Cain, GM's large pickup average transaction prices (ATPs) are still $3,500 higher than Ram, while incentives for the same trucks are "about $1,200 lower than Ram."

Specifically, he reckon Ram's light duty incentives as a percent of ATP are 7 points higher than GM light duty incentives , citing Ram at 17.4% verses GM at 10.1% and Ford at 11.5%. If true, that means GM gives away 7.3% less of what their trucks sell for as deals to customers than Ram does.

He also took the opportunity to remind us that the Chevrolet Silverado is the least expensive 2014 truck to run. Indeed, we do know that's been validated by a few third-party outfits.


So maybe Ram is giving some good deals on their trucks to move them off lots, there's still no denying that Chevrolet is too. Both manufacturers offer good trucks, and since nobody can sustain a business running wild forever the next few months will be a lot more telling on who really commands the second-biggest seller spot.